The workshops were more than I could have imagined. Great teaching. You got me over some problems that you had no idea were there—me either for that matter—It was a great experience. I would do it again and probably will! Thank you.

Clara K. Wick


The workshop in Santa Fe was so fabulous…this was one of the best workshops I have ever attended, and I have attended a lot of them in my career as an artist. Paula is a fabulous teacher and a wonderful person. It was fun, informative, and challenging. And the encaustic monotype process she teaches is extremely valuable to us as encaustic artists, whether we intend to work in encaustic printmaking or not. The ability to develop a body of work on paper will be invaluable to me and I consider the cost of this workshop well worth the investment.

Sandi Miot, (excerpt from a letter to members of the West Coast Encaustic Artists)

Thanks for all your gusto, inspiration, and details, details…I loved it and I’m percolating how to use encaustic in my jewelry! 

Susan Wise, metal artist

I just had to say thank you again for an amazing workshop! I learned so much from you, enjoyed seeing the amazing work of every other participant, and felt very good about what I was able to accomplish. Thank you for your individual help. I know everyone appreciated the daily individual attention you gave us. I have to smile when I think about my last visit to Santa Fe, exactly two years ago this month. It would still be a month before Elena offered me an encaustic workshop, which opened a whole new world for me, but she told me about your large graphite piece on display at William Seigal Gallery. So I went to see it while I was there. I knew nothing about you, but I was amazed at what you had created. And now two years later, not only am I doing encaustic, but I had the opportunity to study with you! I am one very lucky and happy individual. Thanks for your part in making art my new passion

Eloise Malinsky (3 workshops)

I’ve taken 100s of workshops, studied my whole life–but to experience something I’ve never done, knew nothing about! I’m so excited with the possibilities. 

Patt Odom

The encaustic monotype helps to expand my thought process when making art. It’s a great way to break free of old stifling habits.

Claudia Balthop

I’m thrilled to have the Pro box units here and they arrived in superb condition due to the great packaging. FedEx delivered in the morning and I got everything set up in just about 1/2 hour so was able to start playing around.  I’m a long way away from 10,000 hours doing monotypes 🙂 but I’m having fun and learning lots with each monotype.  It’s great!  I began today’s session by taking a finished encaustic painting and using the hotbox unit to melt off the globs of wax on the taped sides.  I was able to then use that wax to start my monotypes.  It’s cool to know no wax needs to be wasted anymore!

Pamela Caughey

I must tell you that I have been using my double HOTbox™  so much lately. After using them in several of the workshops at the conference I realized how convenient they are. I never thought about using them in so many ways. I decided I wanted to dye my own fabric by using plants and flowers from my yard. I had so much fun, and wound up getting about 20 different colors. So when I was ready to put wax on fabric pieces, the HotBoxes were perfect! I could keep the boxes on for several hours and the temp remained constant. It provided such a large work surface compared to my griddle. So I have a hunch they will be in use most of the time now!

Eloise Malinsky

Just wanted to let you know what a superb dvd you have produced! I have seen a high number of art-oriented dvd’s over the years– not one of them can equal yours. In the first place, it was real instead of boringly factual. Everything was presented as if I were right there in the room and I particularly liked the exploratory attitude you showed. That includes the “oops” factors. I have plenty of experience in turning “oops” into “hey – not bad!” and it was rewarding to see you rescuing something as it should be done, with ease and familiarity. Not an ounce of panic. A friend and I took a workshop from a student of yours, Heidi Franscioni, after first learning the encaustics painting technique, and we are hooked! We’d both love to be in one of your Santa Fe workshops

Ruth F

Dear Paula, I ordered this double HOTbox™ for the Art School at the Old Church in Demarest, NJ last month and we are loving it. As chair of printmaking I have just begun classes in encaustic monotype as part of the print program. I am ordering this for my own studio. I look forward to seeing you at the Encaustic Conference in June

Dorothy Cochran

I just have to tell you how happy I was to meet you and pick up my birthday gift, the HOTbox™. John and I tried them out yesterday and this was my first piece on the plate. What a difference from using the griddle! I love your video.


Your video was the perfect thing to help acquaint me with working on paper and get me re-inspired ! Thanks again.



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