Nature and art are filters through which I explore and experience the world around me. Although I now live in the desert, this series of encaustic prints, Navigating, has its origins in my childhood on the Gulf of Mexico and in my concerns about our rapidly changing natural world. Navigating delves into the deep waters of the psyche. Layers and fluctuations of color map the flow of conscious and unconscious thought. I fantasize about bringing dry land to the disappearing ocean-front where I was raised, while knowing that climate shifts may return the desert’s ancient seabeds to oceans.

Growing up on the Gulf meant being attuned to weather’s turbulent incursions in our lives and the unpredictable and unknowable chaos of nature is always with me. My process in Navigating charts a course between control and abandon, cognition and intuition. I deliberately select materials that resist control, challenge my preconceptions and lead to new discoveries in my art and new thought concerning my interests. Molten fluid wax can mimic nature’s chaos and surprising forms, relationships, and patterns emerge in the work. Unplanned, yet not accidental, these reveal to me the poetics within science and the place of spirit in the microcosm and macrocosm.

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