Paula Roland’s DVD, Encaustic Monotypes: Painterly Prints with Heat and Wax, (Studio Galli Films, 2010) is the video source for printing with wax. The title, which strategically places “painterly” before the “wax,” tells you what you need to know about the artist’s priorities. Roland, who studied with Dorothy Furlong Gardner, has been the contemporary impetus behind the encaustic monotype movement. Through her work, she is a role model for what is possible creatively in the medium.

Joanne Mattera

“Paula Roland teaches a most comprehensive encaustic monotype class in her enormous Santa Fe studio. The Intro class is well beyond an introduction, covering extensive variables in the process–beyond even her excellent DVD. While assuring that students leave with solid working knowledge and a very wide range of means and methods, Paula helps artists move their art forward as only this incredible teacher and the Roland HotBox™ allow.”

Hylla Evans, Evans Encaustics

Paula, thank you for setting the tone for the workshop.  It felt like you were welcoming old friends… I’m excited to have learned so much.  And also excited to know how much more you have to teach us. 

Diana Shomaker

Thank you so much for your follow-up and for another outstanding workshop.  Both your art and teaching continue to be a tremendous inspiration to me.

Tracy King

The Workshop was outstanding from start to finish. Didn’t want it to end! Paula Roland workshops should be on your bucket list, was on mine! Now I want more.

Michelle Metcalfe

“Paula is an amazing teacher and helps students push their work in a personal direction. I enjoyed very much watching her in action and watching how the entire class progressed as a group. I am looking forward to having her at our new Chicago studio.”

Jeff Hirst, Hirst Printmaking Studio

Beginner’s Mind, what a class! Paula Roland gave us great information and demos, and plenty of encouragement and individual instruction. We learned numerous HOTbox monotype techniques; composition and color harmony concepts; and several ways to mount and display our prints. We learned about different types of paper and had plenty of time and resources to experiment. Paula lead us through some fun individual and group painting exercises, and we each printed an eight foot scroll. Paula’s easy and relaxed teaching style allowed each of us to be ourselves and have fun! Jeff Hirst was a great host and provided many of the class resources. As a bonus, Jeff joined in with some instruction and participated in the project reviews. I encourage everyone interested in encaustic painting to take this class; even if you think you are not into monotype printing. It was a broad learning experience. Thank you, Paula and Jeff!

Don Barnes

As I looked it over (another workshop website) I realized how glad I am and how fortunate I was to learn encaustic from you. Your fine art sensibility is the orientation I wanted and what I want to inform my development as an artist.  You are a wonderful teacher and because you are a working artist at a high level–an encaustic master–you are also a great inspiration.

Susan Shaffer (3 workshops)

Thanks, Paula! Still loving my Roland HOTbox eight years later!

Tracey Adams

“A belated thank-you for a wonderful workshop. You provided a great environment for exploration and creation. I loved developing new practices of mark making and trusting myself to try new techniques. Great inspiration! I hope we can stay in touch- maybe I’ll be back for Round Two with another workshop in a year or so”

Julie Graber

“We spent one afternoon finding our chi’ through spontaneous brush work . This exercise caused a creative paradigm shift that has always stayed with me.”

Amelia Currier (4 workshops)

Mark-making! Loved that class.  I am currently using paper that I created in that class in a body of encaustic work that will be part of a solo show Nov.2-Dec.18 . Best and I hope to take another class from you at some time.”

Julie Brogan

Carbon Lab was a fabulous class! I’m going to carve out some time to focus on works on paper after I finish up my panels in process.Thanks so much for all of your guidance. You are a very giving teacher!

Karen Hubacher

“What I love about Paula Roland’s workshops, in addition to her vast technical expertise and experience as an educator, is her unique ability to cultivate an open creative space that is supportive of both independent exploration and collaboration.  I find that she attracts high caliber artists and it is great to share time with them in Paula’s comfortable studio.”

Deborah Blair (3 workshops)

“The Advanced workshop in 2013 was a freeing, exhilarating experience.  I let a lot of mental boundaries let go and I experimented in a number of directions, with varying results, but ultimately satisfying feelings. I have reworked a number of the experimentations from the class as well as used them as starting points for new pieces.  As for the group of people…The energy and good feelings resulting from the sharing and laughter and stimulation was fabulous.”

Susan Feller (3 workshops)

“The Advanced Workshop was a game changer for me.  Paula was able to create a space of respect, guidance, camaraderie and risk taking!  That’s rare.  At the beginning I was a little doubtful about what I was doing and I looked at all these other artists creating these amazing pieces!  By the end of the workshop my courage grew thanks to the support and wisdom of Paula and the group. What helped me the most was having the chance to talk about my work in front of this experienced, wise, mature group of artists. To be in the hot seat and to explain the why was a major shift in my attitude and presentation of the art.  I was gently pushed further and further into figuring out what turns “this” pigmented piece of paper into “art.” In essence, to take a stand in and for my art and to be able to articulate the concept whole heartedly.  That experience created a clarity that guides my work today.  It’s a touchstone that keeps me true and honest in every way.

Francesca Saveri (2 workshops)

“As you know a student teacher relationship is multi faceted, a  giving and taking on both ends. In you, I have found a teacher that is a true mentor to me. Your teaching stays with me for years. It is encouraging, a gentle nudge to get beyond your safety zone, and a professional critique, that opens possibilities. Your studio and the atmosphere in class has become a sanctuary for me, a place where I can be who I am and grow and feel joyous!”

Birgit Huttemann-Holz (2 workshops)

I have been a participant in a number of Paula’s encaustic workshops. Paula is generous with her enthusiasm and sharing in teaching encaustic monotype techniques, an engaging communicator in her critiques and thoughtful and clear in her one on one sessions. Paula is a serious and dedicated artist and educator. This is evident in both her strong work ethic and her detailed teaching syllabi. 

For me, working side by side with other committed artists for a week in Paula’s private studio was fun, and a gift every serious artist should consider giving themselves. I believe Paula has raised the bar in teaching encaustic technique and professional practice. (I loved your workshop and your energy. You are always so inspirational)

Patricia Aaron (4 workshops)

Terrific workshop, terrific people, terrific teacher! Then there is also adorable Lefty and your fantastic studio!

Sandy Quinn (3rd workshops)

“Creative sharing of techniques and thoughtful approach to art-making, chance to try tools and processes I haven’t done before, fantastic feedback about what I was doing and what I might try. Hylla Evans’ presence and color expertise added a welcome and very useful dimension. I found this very helpful – you know I came in frustrated and blocked and left with ideas, processes and feeling like I had my groove back.”

Leslie Sobel

Intro Workshop, 6TH Annual Encaustic Conference, 2012

Taking the workshop was great ~ I have a better handle on my process and working with such a great group was inspiring! The workshop was really motivating…it can be exhausting when you are taking a class! Sometimes it is not until you get home and everything settles in and you start working that you feel really good about everything! I was pretty happy with the work from the workshop, usually, I do not look at those pieces as being finished. Thank you for your positive feedback! I am going to add a few prints to my website! 

Dayna T

I just wanted to say that it was a very inspirational workshop for me and it gave me many ideas on how to combine traditional monoprints with encaustic monoprints. I am totally inspired. Paula your demonstrations were wonderful. I loved the way you gave us just enough and then let us work and when we were ready you gave us more. It was very positive

Rose Steiner

Being in a workshop with artists who each have their signature style of mark-making enlarged my experience, and inspired me to be brave and take risks when I got home and combined some wax sculptures with monotype sheets. Paula, your attention to detail, and demos, plus all that you sent in follow-up, is a generous gift of yourself. This is such a broad and deep field to explore through blogs and books, and of course Paula’s DVD. So, happy creating to you all as the winter season approaches.

Joyce Lombard

After a significant absence from making art, joining with you for this workshop was a significant gift because everyone so generously shared their experience and “tips.” Paula, your openness encouraged us all to stretch, create, and share. You’re the best!


“I loved the workshop and I’m still on a high.  You are generous with your knowledge, demonstrations, tips, and individual feedback.  Being around the group of professional artists, I learned new ways of seeing along with new ways of working.  So many things to try… I can’t wait to get started in my studio, and began unpacking yesterday (who needs sleep?) “

Roxanne Turner

Thank you so much for so generously sharing your skill and talent. I am currently working on a few small textile and encaustic pieces but have ordered the thermometers as well as some Evans Encaustics in anticipation of getting to my new and spectacular HOTbox™ next week. I really can’t wait! You have a lovely setting there, and I hope to head that way again soon.

Linda S

2010 Intro Workshop

Paper, pigment and heat have become my new mantra. Your workshop is transformative and a revelation for any artist looking to inject new life into their practice. You cover so much and are truly inspiring, but it is your supportive energy, keen eye, and guiding artistic spirit that really makes your workshop soar. 

David A Clark, Palm Springs, CA


As an artist already familiar with encaustic painting, I came to your workshops with very high expectations and the specific goal of learning the process of encaustic printmaking. I believe that when you expect the best, you get the best. Your workshops did not disappoint me…your approach coupled with your organizational skills and artistic excellence produced two workshops at the highest level.

Diana Gonzalez Gandolfi

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