Carbon Lab

June 1, 8, 14, 22

Powdered or solid graphite and encaustic:

  • Create a silver-like surface
  • Blend or glaze with encaustic colors
  • Create atmospheric effects
  • Use with stencils
  • Create “carbon” paper for transfers
  • Liquify (thin) to use as paint or (thick) to create texture/stamping
  • Use incising, scraping, oil sticks, glaze, and virtually any technique used in encaustic painting.
  • Make graphite encaustic paint for monoprinting/painting
  • Modify existing encaustic colors
  • Transfer drawings and photo copies

India Ink and encaustic:

  • Use with brushes and tools for expressive mark-making
  • Create “skins” with texture and movement
  • Draw onto encaustic or wax medium with pen and ink
  • Research and use other carbon materials, such as charcoal soot, and smoke

We cover and follow the use of health and safety recommendations for materials and equipment.

SKILLS NEEDED: Encaustic Painting

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