Works are Graphite-Encaustic Monotypes on Kitakata Paper
All 60″ x 38″ (with exceptions noted)

I believe that materials may convey meaning in art. The works in my Koan series are monotypes using graphite (a mineral form of carbon) with beeswax on Asian paper. They address the role of carbon in earth’s processes. These pieces are both image and content. Like all Koans, they are a riddle and a paradox.

In Zen Buddhism, a koan is a riddle meant to perplex and illuminate the inadequacy of logic and reason and to provoke enlightenment. The koan poses a question that highlights the tension between multiple points of view: How is it that Carbon, integral to all life processes, is now destructive to humans and the planet?

It is up to the listener (or viewer) to seek answers.

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