Throughout my long career, the natural world has been the filter through which I examine my life and the world around me. The source is my growing up on the Gulf Coast – literally with the beach and gulf in front, and woods and swamp behind. I sought solace in nature and carry that experience until this day.

NEWLANDIA III 2019 | In the current work, Newlandia III, I imagine the land and sea from above, surveying the lines on the surface as if following a life’s path. I see them as maps and aerial views, a guide through the personal and metaphorical landscapes of our changing world and ecosystems. With the most recent painting, Cosmic Debris, it’s too soon to know if I will continue in this vein. I believe it is an extension of Newlandia Series, but perhaps we have left earth! To me, Cosmic Debris is Pollack-like in density and depth, and there is a bursting through from beneath the surface as though something would soon reveal itself.

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