Monotype or Monoprint—are they the same?

SIGHTLINES SERIES: Sightlines (triptych, #s VI, IV, V), encaustic on Japanese paper

Both Monotypes and Monoprints are prints, images that employ an intermediary step, created on a smooth substrate (the plate) and offset onto paper. Though these terms are often used interchangeably, there is a difference.


Monotypes are “one-of-a-kind”.  Edgar Degas and Paul Gauguin called them “printed drawings”. It is the immediacy, spontaneity, and intimacy of the artist’s “touch” that attracts artists and collectors to these works. 


Monoprints, on the other hand, have a portion of the image permanently marked into the print plate, i.e., etched or carved, and only a portion that is applied free-hand. The monoprint is part of a series, each varying slightly. 

Monoprints are editioned and limited in number which is reflected in the signing of the print. The monoprint may be traced to Rembrandt, who was able to change day to night by the way he wiped the ink on his etched plates. (Jung, William, History of the Monotype, 1996). 

Encaustic Monotypes & Monoprints

Encaustic Monotypes and Monoprints are still in their infancy as an art form, unknown to many in the art world. It is exciting for artists and collectors to be present at the birth of a new and unique art process!

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Paula’s Encaustic Monotype Workshops

In Paula’s ENCAUSTIC MONOTYPE WORKSHOPS, techniques build logically upon each other. You are in the hands of a veteran teacher and gain confidence as Paula helps you meet your goals and guides you to find your unique voice with the medium. These workshops are also an excellent introduction to the use of encaustic for painting, collage and mixed media.

NO PRESS IS USED! Studying with Paula may save you months, perhaps years of trial and error with encaustic monotype and works on paper.

Paula’s personal works utilize encaustic prints in unusual and exciting ways, including installation art, large scale prints, reconfigured print collage, and combined with encaustic painting. She shares her ongoing discoveries with students and her continually updated workshops are suitable for repeating, as many do!

View Paula’s art portfolio to experience her range of accomplishment with encaustic printing and painting.

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