The Roland HOTbox™ – Getting Started & Basic Tips

ABOUT THE ROLAND HOTbox™ — YOUR IMAGINATION WILL SOAR! The Gen 3 Roland HOTbox™ is possibly the most versatile encaustic equipment available. The possibilities are limitless!ORDER ROLAND HOTBOX Designed for creating professional encaustic monotypes, Hotboxes are great for encaustic collage and other encaustic work on paper or fabric. By using two or more boxes, and using …

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Paula Roland Encaustic Monotypes

HOTBox™ FAQs & Tips

NOW CRAFTED IN BUFFALO, NY, BY THE VENT-A-FUME CORPORATION ORDER THE ROLAND HOTBOX FROM VENT-A-FUME!Or call/EMAIL Jay Tolbert toll free (877) 876-8368; Nothing works as well as a tool specifically designed for the job at hand. As a working artist with over 20 years experience with encaustic and encaustic monotype printmaking, I know there is no more …

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Encaustic Health and Safety

The Open Studio, LLC and Paula Roland strive for safety at all times. FACTS: Beeswax melts at 145°F, with Damar resin added, about 155° F. Maximum work temp for safely heating beeswax is 200° F. Plate surface temperature range for encaustic printmaking is 160-190° F. The Hotbox surface can heat up higher, to approx 215°F. …

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About Encaustic and Monotypes

PAULA ROLAND, Fire and Ice, eight layered encaustic monotypes with back lighting, 43” x 102” Encaustic consists of melted beeswax combined with pigment. Pigment gives paint its color. The molten beeswax is the “vehicle” just as oil is a vehicle in oil paint and egg is the vehicle in egg tempera, and so on. Resin …

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Fire & Ice, illuminated monotype

Monotype or Monoprint—are they the same?

Both Monotypes and Monoprints are prints, images that employ an intermediary step, created on a smooth substrate (the plate) and offset onto paper. Though these terms are often used interchangeably, there is a difference. Monotypes Monotypes are “one-of-a-kind”.  Edgar Degas and Paul Gauguin called them “printed drawings”. It is the immediacy, spontaneity, and intimacy of the …

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SIGHTLINES SERIES: Sightlines (triptych, #s VI, IV, V), encaustic on Japanese paper
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