Encaustic Health and Safety

The Open Studio, LLC and Paula Roland strive for safety at all times. FACTS: Beeswax melts at 145°F, with Damar resin added, about 155° F. Maximum work temp for safely heating beeswax is 200° F. Plate surface temperature range for encaustic printmaking is 160-190° F. The Hotbox surface can heat up higher, to approx 215°F. …

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About Encaustic and Monotypes

PAULA ROLAND, Fire and Ice, eight layered encaustic monotypes with back lighting, 43” x 102” Encaustic consists of melted beeswax combined with pigment. Pigment gives paint its color. The molten beeswax is the “vehicle” just as oil is a vehicle in oil paint and egg is the vehicle in egg tempera, and so on. Resin …

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Fire & Ice, illuminated monotype

Monotype or Monoprint—are they the same?

Both Monotypes and Monoprints are prints, images that employ an intermediary step, created on a smooth substrate (the plate) and offset onto paper. Though these terms are often used interchangeably, there is a difference. Monotypes Monotypes are “one-of-a-kind”.  Edgar Degas and Paul Gauguin called them “printed drawings”. It is the immediacy, spontaneity, and intimacy of the …

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SIGHTLINES SERIES: Sightlines (triptych, #s VI, IV, V), encaustic on Japanese paper
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