My works on paper are neither paintings nor conventional prints. They are one-of-a-kind encaustic monotypes, a unique process that Paula has pioneered and taught to hundreds of artists. "Paula Roland's works investigate how ideas and aesthetics evolve. Inspired by natural systems, Roland disperses molten pigmented wax on a heated monotype palette. Using gestural movements, her touch and intentions are combined with the affects of heat and gravity. The molten wax is offset to paper, cooling and affixing the image in time. These arrested marks mimic natural events, and to Roland, reveal her uncharted journey."




Exploring nature’s forces through my prints and paintings leads to discoveries and ways to connect inner and outer worlds. This visual language gives form to ideas concerning ecology, physics, abstraction and beauty. My works are a metaphorical map to a deeper experience for me and hopefully for the viewer.

Central to the work is my belief that the natural world is an evolving life form of which we are a part. From this hub, each series veers slightly in the search for connection and insight.

I imagine the land and sea from above, surveying the lines upon the surface as if following a life’s path.  Abstraction, landscape, and map—my works are all of these.





Paula Roland levees encaustic painting

NEWLANDIA I and II. These works, encaustic paintings on wood panel, are created through a laborious process of building up and wearing down hundreds of layers of pigmented wax, resembling geology and nature's own processes.

Deserts were oceans and stars are fossils. My works are an ongoing search for self through exploring and interpreting the contemporary landscape. I fantasize about bringing dry land to the disappearing oceanfront of the Gulf Coast where I was raised. I also know that climate shifts may return the ancient seabeds of my current desert home to the ocean. I imagine the land from above, surveying the lines upon the surface as if following a life’s path.

My works are the remains of a journey where creation and destruction coexist.

I layer, mark, and gouge the surface of my wax painting to reveal its mystery. The physicality of movements somehow releases hidden memories and connections emerge between remnants of environmental devastation and my own scars. Beauty and healing are found in each.

Art can restore the self and together we can help nourish and preserve the earth. Microcosm and macrocosm, abstraction, landscape, map, and place - my works are all these at once. I hope the viewer will traverse these works and find connections and paths that are personally important.